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Preconditions for a traineeship program in a foreign country
Grundvoraussetzungen für eine Bewerbung um einen Praktikumsplatz im Ausland

1.   Interest in intercultural exchange and the country or city you are applying for (family or friendship contacts established earlier are an advantage)

2.   Minimum age > 16 years (older would be even better) 

3.   Excellent knowledge in the expected field of work

4.   Solid knowledge in the respective language  (e.g. English, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian, French, etc.)

5.   Stable health condition

6.   Able to solve unexpected problems independently and alone



Please check with your parents before you apply to us if you are able to perform such an internship in a foreign country. (If required, we are able to support you in the initial conversation with your parents)



All companies offering traineeship programs on this web-page have aleady bee in professional working relations with the HTL or its teachers already for a longer period of time. They usually work in the region and/or all over Europe or even worldwide and fulfil high quality standards in regards to their professional performance. The companies are just responsible for your internship but are not obliged to organize your trip, accommodation or private life in the respective country. However, if required, they might be able to support you in certain circumstances. The listed companies are willing to accept Austrian trainees from our Technical College. However, the availability of internships depends on many individual circumstances eg. economic situation, staff capacity, space capacity etc. and has to be checked carefully by your tutor.


Internships within this framework are usually not paid by the respective companies since the student will receive “professional knowledge” as a compensation. However, it is possible that smaller compensations are offered to the students, depending on the country, the company and on individual agreements.. The Office of International Relations at the HTL Villach might be able to support you with scholarship funds provided by different donors. All this has to be evaluated from case to case.